We wanted to make building simulation easy and time-saving. That’s why we’ve developed METABUILD.
Tariq Kaddoura, Founder & CEO

What we do
METABUILD is an independent consultancy that works with building owners, real-estate developers and architects. Based in Berlin, Germany, we are a team of innovation-driven experts, helping our clients improve energy-efficiency, occupant comfort and cost-effectiveness of their projects.

Who we are
The enterprise was founded in 2018 and combines the results of more than a decade of research and development work. We actively collaborate with leading European universities to constantly improve our tools and database with new technology developments.

Our team bridges the gap between architecture, engineering and software development. With expertise covering architecture, renewable energies, sustainable water management as well as building simulation and advanced computational modeling, we bundle all the resources required for engineering high performance real-estate projects.

Our R&D partners

Our funding partners