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We have developed a groundbreaking AI technology that enables real estate professionals to create better buildings. Based on BIM and building simulations, we explore billions of possible scenarios for each project. You get the best solutions with deep insights into CAPEX, OPEX, comfort and energy performance.

Get the maximum returns from your investment.
Be certain your future tenants will love the comfort in your building.
Rest assured you took care of the environ­mental performance.

It‘s easy to work with Metabuild.
You don‘t need to change your workflow or your team.

Use our web application or let our experts take care of your project.

Daniel Dendra, anOtherArchitect Studio Berlin

”Metabuild helped us identify the best design solution for a large residential development project in no time! Thanks for saving us time and money!”

Felix Reuschel, CEO S&P Group

“By using Metabuild, we’ve saved tons of hours analyzing ideas and technical options. This makes the decision-making process in early design phases so much easier.”

Saeed Al Abbar, Director at AESG Dubai

“It has never been so easy to use the power of building simulation. Metabuild is disrupting the way buildings are designed.”

Use Metabuild for any project type

New building projects
Take better-informed investment decisions and create better buildings.
Renovation projects
Identify the best renovation solutions and get deep insights into their potentials.
Portfolio analysis
Discover hidden potential for additional returns within your building portfolio.

Why Metabuild makes your real estate project more successful

Validated technology
Metabuild is based on proven scientific methods. Our AI connects BIM and building simulation.
BIM creation included
Don't have a BIM model ready? No problem! We take care of BIM modeling for you.
Complicated things made simple
Metabuild does not require you to be an expert. All the heavy lifting is done by our AI behind the scenes.
CAPEX, OPEX and Life Cycle Cost included
Easy to understand results show the numbers that really matter for your project.
Indoor comfort included
Metabuild includes a detailed prediction of lighting comfort, thermal comfort and air quality.
Energy performance included
Metabuild makes sure you meet your local energy code requirements. And we go beyond that if you aim for higher standards.
All building components included
The Metabuild Database contains a vast number of components, such as solar panels, insulation materials, HVAC systems etc.
Fantastic level of detail
Metabuild uses detailed climate data for your project location, including temparature, sun positions, humidity, etc.
More than just a software
You choose if you want to use our easy-to-use web application or if you want to work with our expert team.

Use our web application or let our experts take care of your project.

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