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Metabuild works most smoothly with BIM models (IFC format). Don’t have a BIM model ready? No problem – we’ll create a model of your project based on what is available (e.g. CAD drawings, floor plans or sketches).

Lean back and let our AI get to work.

Design processes that used to take months are now completed within a few hours.

Using detailed advanced building simulations, Metabuild explores billions of possible design scenarios for your project.

All relevant parameters are taken into account (architecture, materials, building technology, site-specific weather data, costs, comfort, sustainability).
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What you get:

  • A short summary PowerPoint presentation with the best design solutions
  • A comprehensive PDF report with detailed descriptions and performance assessments of the identified design solutions
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Key benefits for real estate professionals

Well-informed decision making
Metabuild provides you with the data you need for making quick and targeted decisions in early design stages. Take a truly holistic view of your building's potentials and start making decisions with confidence.
Weeks of time saved
Stop wasting time with lengthy discussions and comparisons of possible design solutions. Time is money! Metabuild speeds up early design stages by giving you fast and tangible insights into options for your real estate projects.
Streamlined business process
Use your Metabuild results as a benchmark and a source of inspiration for your design team. Provide your architects and engineers with meaningful guidance by simply forwarding Metabuild's results.
Deep cost analyses (CAPEX, OPEX and LCC)
Metabuild delivers profound insights into your building’s cost performance over the entire lifecycle. Data-driven cost-benefit analyses enable you to take smarter investment decisions and identify significant saving opportunities.
Outstanding indoor comfort
Metabuild includes detailed simulations of indoor comfort. Discover the most feasible ways to maximize comfort and promote occupant well-being, health and satisfaction. All included: Lighting comfort, Thermal comfort and Air quality.
Improved environmental performance
Metabuild identifies the best ways to improve performance of your building project. Stand out by making your project more sustainable and cost-effective by reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and fresh water consumption.

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Felix Reuschel, CEO S&P Group

“By using Metabuild, we’ve saved tons of hours analyzing ideas and technical options. This makes the decision-making process in early design phases so much easier.”

Daniel Dendra, anOtherArchitect Studio Berlin

“Metabuild helped us identify the best design solution for a large residential development project in no time! Thanks for saving us time and money!”

Saeed Al Abbar, Director at AESG Dubai

“It has never been so easy to use the power of building simulation. Metabuild is disrupting the way buildings are designed.”

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