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Which of my architectural designs is the most energy-efficient one?

Our tool compares energy performance of different building geometries – even in early stages.

Which technologies have the biggest impact on my building’s energy performance?

Our tool quantifies the impact of a broad range of building materials and technologies on costs, energy and comfort.

What is the best way to maximize occupant comfort in my building design?

Our tool reveals how you can maximize indoor thermal comfort, air quality and lighting comfort in the most cost-effective way.

Which HVAC system is the most cost effective one for my building design?

Our advanced building simulation engine helps you find the optimal combination of HVAC systems.

Should I consider photovoltaics for my building?

Our tool reveals costs and benefits of renewables under different economic scenarios.

Will “going green” really save me money in my project?

Our tool reveals how much money you can save by implementing energy-saving measures and renewables.

Building simulation made easy: No software to learn. Easy to use interface.

Building simulation can help real-estate developers and architects improve indoor comfort and energy performance. But most simulation tools are complex and require time-consuming initial training.

METABUILD allows you to use the power of simulation with surprising ease. No software experience or training is needed. Easy to understand graphical results take your building project to the next level.

Get detailed insights into costs, energy and comfort.

X-ray vision of your building’s performance: METABUILD helps you make sure that your design decisions really meet your goals.

Learn about the economic viability of your project under different economic scenarios (inflation rates, interest rates, etc.). Find out how different sub-systems within your building impact comfort, energy consumption and costs as a result of advanced annual whole-building simulations.

It has never been so easy to evaluate design options.

There are thousands of amazing building materials and technologies in the market. But can they really benefit your building?

METABUILD performs parametric whole-building simulations to help you understand the implications of a broad scope of building materials and technologies (insulation materials, glazing materials, heating & cooling technologies, water technologies, lighting, renewables, etc.).

Easy to understand results.

Building performance analysis doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the intuitive project dashboard to present your project to clients, consultants and other stakeholders. Keep discussions focussed by easily switching from economic to technical perspectives.

Use the comprehensive project report to understand the details and the analytical approach.

Beyond simulating: Our algorithm can help you find a perfect technology setup.

Make use of our unique building optimization algorithm and run thousands of simulations with one click. You can decide which design parameters you want the algorithm to optimize and which ones you want to keep fixed.

Your goals define the functioning of the algorithm. Both technological and economic aspects are considered during the process to find the perfect technology fit for your project.

Machine Intelligence. Human Support.

METABUILD is backed by an experienced team of engineers & architects that gives you guidance throughout the design process – via phone, video conference or chat.

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Frequently asked questions

  • I only have a 2D-drawing of my building. Can I still use METABUILD?

    Yes! Our experts will create a 3D-model from your 2D-drawings and include an energy model (which is a requirement for energy simulations). You will receive the complete 3D-model including a validated energy model along with your simulation results for your further use!

  • Which file types can you handle?

    We can handle all common 2D and 3D file formats:

    • Autodesk: rvt, dxf, dwg
    • SketchUp: skp
    • Archicad: pln
    • Allplan: ndw
    • Exchange formats: ifc, gbxml

    If your file doesn’t yet include an energy model, our experts will create it for you (additional fee).

    Don’t worry, your file will be checked free of charge and you’ll get feedback before any payment is required.

  • Where can I download your software?

    METABUILD is a web-based service. The link between you and our software is the web interface and your building model.

  • Is my data safe when I use your service?

    Security of data is built into the core of our product. Our data center and network architecture meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations in the global market.

    • German servers
    • ISO-27001 Certified
    • 100% Compliant with EU Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC)
    • 100% Compliant with the German Data Protection Act (BDSG)
    • 100% of data at rest is encrypted
    • Exceeds compliance of “Safe Harbour” and “Privacy Shield”
    • Regular audits and penetration tests by external specialists

  • I already work with an energy consultancy for my projects. Do you have something different to offer?

    We support you and your energy consultants with advanced simulation and optimization techniques. We’re happy to join forces with your existing team of consultants to further improve your building design. Our services can easily be integrated in your workflows.

  • How can METABUILD help me in early design phases?

    Early design phases have a very big impact for later energy performance of your building. Advanced simulation and optimization at the beginning of the design process will make sure that your building really meets your goals for energy efficiency, occupant comfort and cost-effectiveness.

  • How can METABUILD help me in later design phases?

    In later design phases, METABUILD can verify your building performace expectations and/or identify design improvements.

  • What is the difference between building simulation and building optimization?

    Building simulation predicts energy performance of a building design based on a specific setup of building materials and technologies, a usage profile and location-specific climate data.

    Our building optimization algorithm performs thousands of automated building simulations to evaluate a very broad range of design options and find optimal solutions based on user-defined goals and constraints.

  • What makes your optimization algorithm so unique?

    Our algorithm follows a hybrid optimisation approach. Optimisation is performed in two phases: one deterministic and the other stochastic.

    In the first phase, a good collection of solutions is prepared as an initial population rather than starting with a random sample. According to diverse and non-domination concepts, the minimisation results are sorted and a good collection of solutions is selected.

    In the second phase, a controlled elitist genetic algorithm is applied. In order to avoid losing good solutions during the two-phase optimisation, passive archiving is used as storage for the evaluated solutions.

    The major advantage of this approach is that it reduces the random behaviour of genetic algorithms, thus obtaining good solutions with a lower number of simulations.

  • How can I be sure that your optimization algorithm really finds solutions that meet my goals?

    Optimization is performed against a number of goals and constraints that you can freely define via our web application. You can decide which design parameters you want the algorithm to optimize and which ones you want to keep fixed.

  • Which simulation engine does METABUILD use?

    METABUILD uses EnergyPlus as its core simulation engine for energy simulations and our own proprietary algorithms for cost analyses. EnergyPlus has proven its effectiveness in thousands of projects and is widely accepted in the industry as being one of the most advanced building simulation engines available today.

  • How do you make sure that your technology database is always up to date?

    We work directly with manufacturers to keep our database of building materials and technologies up to date. In addition, we cooperate with leading European universities to constantly improve our technology models and algorithms.

  • My design already takes insulation, thermal bridges and orientation into account. Why should I use your service?

    There are millions of possible combinations of building materials and technologies. Using classical design tools (even existing simulation software) it is virtually impossible to be sure that a specific setup is really the perfect solution for your project.

    Using the power of cloud computing, our advanced building simulation service automatically runs thousands of simulations to reach your goals. It helps you find out if you have reached the optimum solution for your project or if there are ways to improve your building performance!

  • I have a question that is not covered here! How can I contact you?

    Please send an email with your question to You can also reach us via chat or phone at +49 30 692001410 during our business hours (Mon – Fri, 9:00-17:00, CET/CEST, Berlin time).

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