Better building design through automation.

Use artificial intelligence and automated dynamic simulations in early design stages of your real estate projects. Quick and easy to use.

Our clients:

Metabuild can help you with the following project types.

New buildings
Building renovation
Portfolio analysis

Minimize CAPEX or OPEX. Or both.

  • Automated design depending on project goals (sale, rental or owner occupation)
  • Reduced CAPEX through automated design comparisons
  • Savings in OPEX through site-specific energy simulations
  • Minimized life cycle costs (including energy costs and energy price increases, maintenance costs, reinvestment, inflation, etc.)

Maximize the net floor area. Enhance quality.

  • Minimizing insulation thicknesses often allows for substantial gains in net floor area
  • Intelligent building design facilitates compliance with sustainability regulations and comfort standards, e.g. through optimized exploitation of solar gains
  • Holistic assessment of architecture, materials, building services, site-specific climate data, cost, comfort, sustainability

Maximum indoor comfort at minimum cost.

  • Metabuild runs detailed whole-year simulations of daylight comfort, thermal comfort and air quality
  • Discover the most efficient ways to promote occupant health and well-being
  • Get analyses according to WELL standard, LEED, ASHRAE 55:2010 and EN ISO 7730

Stand out by maximizing sustainability.

  • Metabuild runs detailed simulations of energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption
  • Get the most cost-effective design options for advanced sustainability
  • Automated calculations for compliance of sustainability regulations and standards

Master complexity through automation and get a profound basis for decision-making.

  • Structured output of optimal designs
  • Easy-to-understand insights into cost-effectiveness, comfort and sustainability
  • Automatically generated PDF report
  • A Metabuild consultant is at your side

Automate renovation design and portfolio analyses.

  • Simple workflow to create your digital building portfolio – we only need a minimum amount of data
  • Metabuild runs detailed simulations of renovation options for each building (including cost, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, comfort, etc.)
  • Get a ranked cost-benefit analysis of renovation scenarios for your portfolio
  • Including climate risk assessment
  • Including specifications of serial retrofit products and manufacturers

Develop faster with Generative Design. (Beta)

  • Automated generation of designs with maximized floor area
  • Basis: urban planning requirements
    (building type, land use, etc.)
  • Daylight analyses carried out in parallel, considering variable window area proportions
  • Download generated BIM data

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