Current Situation Analysis

The detailed view on your building’s energy performance. In this analysis, simulations with great detail are carried out for your building. Also comfort parameters are included in the evaluation.

Gain insights via some sample results


The location, architecture and neighboring buildings are visualized. In addition, shading effects by neighboring buildings are taken into account, which have an influence on daylight comfort and solar gains.


The calculation of the stranding year based on CRREM is part of the results dashboard. Here you can choose between 1.5° or 2.0° target.

In addition to CRREM carbon emissions targets, Metabuild also considers CRREM energy demand targets.


The energy-related KPIs are evaluated on the basis of DIN 18599 and dynamic whole-building simulations.

Renovation potential

The renovation potential shows whether it is worthwhile to carry out a renovation design study for this building.

Construction and systems

The evaluation considers the dynamic interactions of materials and systems – in combination with architecture, weather data, building use, cost, comfort, and sustainability.


The comfort parameters (daylight, comfort and air quality) can also be viewed in detail. In this way, reliable statements can be made as to whether, for example, the lighting conditions in the first floor apartment are satisfactory.

Project flow

More information about this service


  • What project documents does Metabuild require?

    Minimal data that Metabuild can use to provide a quick preliminary analysis:

    • Address
    • Build year/renovation year
    • Building use

    Data for a detailed building analysis:

    • Address
    • Build year/renovation year
    • Building use
    • Photos
    • Floor plan and number of floors
    • Building envelope and systems information


    Tip: For portfolio analyses with a high number of properties and / or poor data, we recommend a preliminary analysis based on minimal input data as a first step.

  • How is the data input done?

    Data is entered either directly in the Metabuild platform or alternatively via an Excel template that we provide to you at the start of the project.

    If you wish, we can take care of the data entry for you, or put you in touch with specialist planners / energy consultants from our network.

  • What can I do if I can't provide all the building information?

    We can derive initial 3D building models through external data directories. You can also book walk-through services to get detailed information about your properties at your convenience.

    Talk to your Metabuild consultant about the data quality you want to achieve.

  • What exactly are the building simulations?
    • Accurate physical models, validated with measurement data
    • Dynamic consideration of all important physical effects
    • Automatic calculation and output of all physical influencing variables
    • High level of detail (10-minute resolution over 365 days a year)
    • Use of detailed usage profiles on occupancy and lighting for the selected type of use
    • Consideration of hourly weather data for the project site (includes outdoor air temperature, outdoor humidity, air pressure, cloud cover, wind direction and speed, precipitation, global radiation, atmospheric and terrestrial longwave radiation, etc.).
  • According to which evaluation criteria is comfort calculated?
    • Daylight Comfort (Continuous Daylight Autonomy, Useful Daylight Illuminance, Annual Sunlight Exposure) per WELL Standard and LEED V3
    • .

    • Air quality (ventilation rate, CO2 concentration, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds, CMR substances, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde) according to Eurofins, WELL and LEED IEQ Credit 3.2
    • Thermal comfort (PPD and PMV index) according to ANSI/ASHRAE 55:2010 and EN ISO 7730
  • What evaluation criteria does Metabuild use to calculate energy efficiency?
    • Total energy consumption
    • Primary energy consumption
    • Cooling energy consumption
    • Heating energy consumption
    • specific transmission heat loss
    • Power consumption
    • CO2 emissions
    • Embodied carbon

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