Portfolio check

The easy, initial overview of your portfolio’s energy performance according to CRREM and DIN 18599.

Gain insights via some sample results

Modeling according to the German Building Energy Act (GEG) and DIN 18599

The modeling of your portfolio objects is carried out according to the German Building Energy Act (GEG) and DIN 18599.
The building models can also be used for further services (Current situation analysis or Renovation design study).

Stranding year with regard to carbon emissions

This shows a building’s distance from the EU decarbonization pathway and when a stranding event occurs.


Metabuild is official partner of CRREM and analyses portfolios based on the latest CRREM-Methodology.

Stranding year with regard to end energy demand

End energy targets are not yet stipulated by the EU, but they will play a similarly important role as carbon targets in the future. End energy demand is particularly relevant for portfolio holders, as no offsets are possible here, as is currently the case with carbon emissions.

Evaluation of the entire portfolio

This diagram shows the deviations of all buildings from the EU decarbonization target values for the year 2030.

Based on this, you can see at a glance where action is needed for the portfolio.

More information about this service

  • What results do I get exactly?

    You will receive the following information per building:

    • Results on end energy demand (broken down by heating, cooling, hot water, etc.)
    • Results for primary energy demand (broken down by heating, cooling, hot water, etc.)
    • CO₂ emissions
    • Stranding year incl. diagram view

    On a portfolio level, you will receive the following information:

    • Overview of the building locations
    • Overview of stranding years across the portfolio
    • Average values for end energy and primary energy demand
    • Average values for CO₂ emissions
    • Mean values sorted by asset class
  • What file formats will I receive?

    You will receive the following data formats:

    • Results report as PDF file for the entire portfolio
    • Excel file with results of all buildings of the portfolio
    • complete Excel file of the CRREM evaluation

A portfolio check is recommended for real estate owners for the following reasons.

  • Enable early strategic planning based on CRREM
  • Identify stranding risks in the portfolio and strategically focus on specific properties in the portfolio.
  • Comply with reporting requirements

Project flow

Required input data

You can easily provide the input data for your portfolio objects via our Excel template. Only minimal input data is required:

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