Renovation Design Study

Generation of renovation variants that are technically and economically optimal. Including detailed cost calculations according to DIN 276 and DIN 18960.

Ranking of renovation design variants

All renovation design variants are presented. In the ranking, variants with the highest CO₂ savings per invested Euro can be identified.

Renovation measures

The renovation measures of this technically and economically optimal variant are presented here.

Cost calculation

A detailed cost calculation is carried out for all the renovation design variants examined. The output is made according to DIN 276 (CAPEX) und DIN 18960 (OPEX).


The stranding year improvement according to CRREM is calculated.

In addition to the CRREM carbon emission targets, Metabuild also provides solutions for the much more challenging energy demand targets.


The primary and end energy demand is calculated on the basis of DIN 18599 and dynamic whole-building simulations.


Improvements in comfort parameters due to the renovation are presented in relation to the current condition of the building.

Project flow

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  • What project documents does Metabuild require?

    Minimal data that Metabuild can use to provide a quick preliminary analysis:

    • Address
    • Build year/renovation year
    • Building use

    Data for a detailed building analysis:

    • Address
    • Build year/renovation year
    • Building use
    • Photos
    • Floor plan and number of floors
    • Building envelope and systems information


    Tip: For portfolio analyses with a high number of properties and / or poor data, we recommend a preliminary analysis based on minimal input data as a first step.

  • How is the data input done?

    Input is either directly in the Metabuild platform or alternatively via an Excel template that we provide at the start of the project.

  • What can I do if I can't provide all the building information?

    We can derive initial 3D building models through external data directories. You can also book walk-through services to get detailed information about your properties at your convenience.

    Talk to your Metabuild consultant about the data quality you want to achieve.

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