The server run fee is calculated based on your project’s gross floor area (GFA).
Single payment per server run. No subscription fees.

€ 0.50 – € 1.50 per sqm

(This price range applies for projects above 5,000 sqm.)

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Saeed Al Abbar, Director at AESG Dubai

“It has never been so easy to use the power of building simulation. Metabuild is disrupting the way buildings are designed.”

Daniel Dendra, anOtherArchitect Studio Berlin

”Metabuild helped us identify the best design solution for a large residential development project in no time! Thanks for saving us time and money!”

Felix Reuschel, CEO S&P Group

“By using Metabuild, we’ve saved tons of hours analyzing ideas and technical options. This makes the decision-making process in early design phases so much easier.”